Mobile social family caregiving

When you have to keep them all in line.
When you have to give them everything they need.
When you're being pulled in 20 directions at once.
When their health, your health...and your sanity...are on the line.

Introducing Curi™

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Everyone has family. Whether they are blood relatives, life partners, or close friends, you have their back and they have yours. Families care for each other...that's what they do.

Why you care is simple. Caregiving—for a chronically ill child, a disabled friend, an elderly parent—often isn't. When you have to juggle caring for multiple people, sharing care responsibilities, and caring for yourself...and you still have to work for a can be complicated and hectic.

At Semafores we understand the challenges today’s family caregivers face because we’re caregivers ourselves. Our founder, Julie Tittler, had the idea for Curi™, our mobile social family caregivers’ assistant, when she was faced with her own caregiving challenges.

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Curi™ simplifies family caregiving and gives caregivers peace of mind. Curi™ helps caregivers:

  • refocus caregiving into clear concrete goals for each family member
  • hand care off between caregivers effortlessly, so the right person is notified to do the right thing at the right time
  • back each other up when things don’t or can’t happen
  • know everyone’s status at a glance, up-to-the-minute, even when you are miles away
  • pull together their collective caregiving know-how into a shared multimedia library
  • keep everyone encouraged and engaged with their care
  • foster and maintain independence in the young and the elderly while maintaining discreet caregiver supervision

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